3-years after the Brexit referendum – what has happened?

On the 23rd of June it is 3 years since the referendum took place that showed that the people of UK wanted to leave the EU. What has happened since then? Therese May and the Torries has been unable to reach a conculusion on a Brexit deal with the EU. Therese May has stepped down as PM and at the moment a new PM is being chosen, right now 2 candidates left with Boris Johnson, or BoJo, getting recognized as the candidate that the party want to see as the next PM. While UK has been unable to negotiate a deal to leave the EU, the Bremainers have not succeded in their aim to get the UK parliament to reconsider Brexit.

After 3 years on the referendum on Brexit, the Torries are debating Brexit while electing a new prime minister that in their eyes could renegotiate a Brexit deal with the EU. In the eye of the people, it should look like a move from a party grasping for air. The question become what Bojo with the Mojo can do better than Theresa May. Probably nothing. The Brexit deals so far has been voted down and the vote coming closest to be passed is a new referendum.

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