Democracy Index

Democracy is taking place around the world every day. How democracy occurs can have explanations in factors of importance, such as openness and transparency, the function of media outlets, law and justice and work among political parties. These are changing every year in countries around the world. A democracy index that is often reffered to… Continue reading Democracy Index

What is democracy innovation?

Elections, e-petitions, community hearings, debates, livestreamed parliamentary sessions, resolutions, protocols, social media. Is it all democracy and is something more democractic than the other? In the society democracy take different forms. They can according to science be seen in 3 ideals. The most common ideal that people know of is election democracy. In democracies it… Continue reading What is democracy innovation?


A free press is essential for democracy. World Press Freedom Day was launched in 1993 by the UN General Assembly. Let’s celebrate the press freedom and pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom @ UN. Reporters Without Borders every year publish an index on the freedom of the press… Continue reading #WorldPressFreedomDay

What is democracy?

Democracy index, election calender, democracy innovations and other trends and patterns in the world of democracy is represented in this portal. Concluded knowledge and information about democracy meaning accurate material from various sources gives a broad case for how democracy is developing and what it is good for. Democracy now is experiencing progress but also… Continue reading What is democracy?


Every month, people around the world excess their right to vote as a part of a democratic system. The representative democracy exist is the democractic method that has shown to work best. It mean we as a people elect people, or politicians, who we want should represent us in office and make the right diciscions… Continue reading Untitled

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A digital space is shaping where we have the opportunity to let local, regional, national or supranational parliaments know what we want. E-petitions exist to let citizens engage in politics in between the elections.