What is democracy?

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3 democracy ideals in theory

There are 3 democracy ideals that can explain with a big brush what democracy is about and how it is, or can be, done. Democracy is never completed, both in theory and in practice. We can however learn more from the representative, -particiatory and – deliberative democracy.

Representative democracyParticipatory democracyDeliberative democracy

Every now and then, elections pop-up in the news feed. They come and go every 3rd to 5th year where people go and elect so called representatives. Have you every wondered why many countries have set up these representative systems of democracy? One crucial problem it finds a solution on is that we are too many people and therefore it´s not possible for everyone to vote on every issue that revolves them, from housing, to healthcare, to culture and so on. Therefore, we choose representatives to represent our concerns.

Inbetween the elections, people can affect the political process in other ways that going to the ballot box. There are a number of ways in which some might be more popular than others, because of an easy access or high impact factor. This is two fold and can include impact attempts and a more direct tool.

Deliberation and discussions

3 ways to do democracy in practice

Choose someone to represent your cause

Participate in the decision-making

Talk it through and come to a conclusion