What is democracy?

Democracy index, election calender, democracy innovations and other trends and patterns in the world of democracy is represented in this portal. Concluded knowledge and information about democracy meaning accurate material from various sources gives a broad case for how democracy is developing and what it is good for. Democracy now is experiencing progress but also drawbacks.

Democracy definition, or the meaning of, is consistent and has been for many hundreds, or even thousands of years. It mean the rule of the people and is a system of government by which the citizens excersize their power. The definitions of democracy are many and they can be found in sources on the internet, for example the Miriam-Webster dictionary, Cambride dictionaryCollins dictionaryEncyclopedia BritannicaDictionary or Wikipedia.  Democracy can revolve around voting on specific issues, as in direct democracy, but can also mean voting on someone that represents your case when legislating on policy, as in representative democracy. The history is long and goes back to the Athens and the ancient Greece.

Democracy is a subject being analysed and researched on by media outlets, researchers and global political institutions. UN, United Nations, give a good description of democracy. Also, Our World in Datameasure the value of democracy in the world. IDEA develop knowledge, assist in democratic reform, and influence policies and politics. The Journal of Democracy is writing about democracy and Freedom House mean democracy is crucial for a free world.

What does this portal add to the knowledge gap, or the function of things? Democracy Portal is not a media outlet, not a data collector, not a database, not a research group and not a political institution. Instead, the Spider in the Web analogy better describe this work. Important material of the political process exist on the internet and can regard democracy indexes, election calenders with upcoming elections, how polls give us information of these processes and how innovation is shaping the democractic form. Together, these tools and methods form an understanding of important functions in understanding and being informed on democracy and its vital function in modern societies.

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